A brief look into the cool stuff I’ve been doing and the cool stuff that led me there.

Sidaza (Founder; January 2011 – July 2011):
Sidaza was a mobile group messaging service. As the sole developer, I focused primarily on cross-platform functionality. Sidaza was the first service to offer picture messaging support for both feature phones and smart phones. It connected to the mobile network by leveraging 10 internal Android devices with a custom application to send and receive SMS and MMS.  If you’re interested in reading more about the technology, read this post.

Paperwork.Pro (Co-Founder; December 2009 – January 2011):
Paperwork.Pro is a platform to quickly move paperwork workflows online.  Rather than move single forms online like our competitors, we strive to replace entire workflows from form creation to submission to processing to filing.  As the technical co-founder, I was responsible for managing the product’s development.  I worked on backend development while overseeing the work of a front end developer and a designer.

We-Care.com (Intern/Developer; July 2008 – August 2009):
We-Care.com provides a way for online shoppers to passively donate to their favorite charity.  Through affiliate marketing, a percentage of each purchase at over 1000 affiliated merchants will automatically get donated to the charity at no additional cost to the user.  After sneaking in a month before its third release, I worked alongside the lead developer ready the site for launch.  I then continued to add enhancements from small user-facing features to administrative tools for managing the complex affiliate relationships.  Read more about the experience here.

2.0Legends (Sole Owner and Manager; November 2006 – August 2008):
2.0Legends started as the leading news website for Nitto 1320 Challenge 2.0 (now Nitto Legends) before it was released. On a few occasions, I was given exclusive access to new information directly from the game creators.  The site received hundreds of unique visits per day.  After the game was released, the site was converted from a news website to a general resource website.  Then, after two months of intense coding I released a new site full of features that I was convinced everyone would use.  Turns out it suffered from “feature creep” and the site’s traffic took a turn for the worst.  Lesson Learned.

iFoneArcade (Co-Founder; November 2007 – March 2008):
iFoneArcade was the first provider of live, multiplayer, online games for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  Before the iPhone, games on the internet were built in Flash.  Because the phone lacked Flash support though, there were very few games available on the phone when it was launched.  There was a huge rush to convert games from Flash to Javascript, but nobody thought to incorporate live multiplayer functionality before iFoneArcade.  Our versions of Chess, Battleship, Reversi, Connect 4, and Tic-Tac-Toe received over 40,000 game plays before the App Store was released and our traffic began to flounder.

LogoDaily and phpCMD (Sole Owner and Manager; July 2006 – July 2007):
LogoDaily was built to compete with early versions of crowd-sourced design contests.  Before LogoDaily, these contests were run on standard forum software which is wholly disorganized and allowed contest holders to easily steal designs without paying.  LogoDaily was the first site to use an escrow system for holding prize money and an interface similar to the one that is now seen on 99Designs.com.  Unable to attract attention to the site, I decided to morph the technology into phpCMD: php-based Client Management for Designers.  I sold a few copies of the software before it was ultimately acquired for $550…big money to a 16 year old.

1320Info and NittoCrazy (Sole Owner and Manager; September 2004 – December 2005):
The websites that started it all.  These were both leading resource websites for the old game Nitto 1320 Challenge.  In all honesty, the main difference between them was the team I had working with me to post content, but the content itself was exceptionally similar.  The layouts were also different; since NittoCrazy came after 1320Info it was a bit better looking.  These websites acted as the springboard that launched me into programming and entrepreneurship.